Located in Hartford's Blue Hills neighborhood, Sarah J. Rawson Elementary School is the state’s first Lighthouse School, working with a team of businesses, community groups, and educators to engage the school’s students in the world of STEAM—science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

CBIAPrint's Education & Workforce Partnership serves as the Rawson Lighthouse project manager, administering a Department of Education grant to develop resources, support, and partnerships improve academic outcomes and develop a pipeline to the Academy of Engineering and Green Technology.

"The Blue Hills neighborhood is a vibrant community with tremendous resources," says partnership vice president Andrea Comer.

"By infusing the school with quality partnerships and a commitment to rigorous, arts-integrated STEM curriculum, the potential for sustainable impact—in and beyond the school—is boundless."

The project ties STEM education to real life, showing students how those subjects are applied in everyday ways and their connection connected to good careers.

The school also helps parents extend their children's learning at home by offering guidance on how to talk to them about the connection between STEM and their daily lives.

CBIA's Education & Workforce Partnership also works to expand the public's perception of STEM careers to include often overlooked and undervalued jobs in manufacturing—one of Connecticut's most important economic sectors.