CBIA BizCast host Ali Warshavsky speaks with Patti Compton, Head of Statistical Programming and Analysis at Pfizer’s Groton location, the company’s largest research hub and home to over 4,000 scientists. 

“Every Pfizer product has been developed in some part by folks in Groton,” said Compton. 

When COVID-19 took hold last year, the Groton location pivoted to vaccine development. Employees helped analyze the results of clinical trials and antibody treatments.

Compton’s key role was to help analyze the results of 40,000 trials, determining the vaccine’s efficacy and safety. 

“It was clear, made by our own CEO, that this was the prime focus,” said Compton. “Never have I seen an organization pivot that way and really turn its attention to one compound simultaneously, really pulling out the stops to find out if it was a safe compound, would it work?” 

Compton said a large portion of the Groton community was willing to participate in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trials. 

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