The U.S. Department of Labor reported yesterday that major U.S. work stoppages were significantly down in 2014 versus prior years. But, what's even more interesting about their report is the level of labor-employer harmony in manufacturing compared to other industries.

Over the past five years, out of 80 major work stoppages (defined as involving 1,000+ workers and lasting more than one shift), only 11% were attributed to manufacturers, compared to over three times as many (34%) in healthcare/social assistance workplaces.

Also higher than manufacturing were educational services (accounting for 15% of major work stoppages) and construction (13%).

Oftentimes we hear about an "us-them" adversarial labor-employer relationship.

Statistics from the DOL seem to show quite a different situation, however, one that's much more harmonious than labor activists would have us believe.

These are the workplace conditions we hear about all the time from our members and witness when we visit their facilities.