During a year of unprecedented disruption, women rose to lead their organizations, empower employees, and navigate a new normal.

CBIA's May 26 When Women Lead conference showcases those stories, featuring business leaders from around the state sharing their experiences from the past year and the lessons they learned.

Cigna Connecticut president Wendy Sherry opens this year’s conference, discussing the challenges she and the company faced over the last year, how they managed their response, and the strategic approach for the future.

McCarter & English managing partner Moy Ogilvie sits down with Bigelow Tea president and CEO Cindi Bigelow, Otis vice president of sales and marketing Robin Fiala, Medtronic vice president of operations, surgical innovations Valerie Finarty, and InCord CEO Meredith Shay to discuss guiding their companies, the changes in work-life balance expectations, and what the post-pandemic world looks like.

You will also hear an honest conversation about diversity, inclusion, equity, and race—in the workplace and beyond—with Raytheon Technologies chief diversity officer Marie Sylla-Dixon and Shipman & Goodwin co-managing partner Leander Dolphin.

And learn how to prioritize mental health and incorporate mindfulness into your workday life with Dr. Brandon Nappi, the founder of the Copper Beech Institute.

Registration for this year's When Women Lead conference is free for CBIA members and CONNSTEP clients. Regular admission is $95.