The Department of Transportation is sponsoring its second Drive Less Connecticut Competition, which is designed to reduce the number of vehicles on the state's roads and highways.

The competition is based on the concept that fewer cars equate to cleaner air and healthier lives.

DOT is encouraging commuters and employers to get involved.

The agency provides information to help employers with their worksite activities and help commuters find healthier and more economical ways to work.

"Employers statewide will have the opportunity to earn recognition for their leadership, while commuters can win weekly and grand prizes," DOT said in a statement.

The contest runs from May 1-31.Visit the contest website for information on how to get involved.

Last year, many individuals and companies participated in the effort to improve air quality and ease traffic congestion.

DOT, through its CTRides program, wants to steer employers and employees to the best commuting options, saving time and money while finding a greener way to get around, even off the job.

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