Salaries rise nearly 11% since 2008

According to the 2013 American Industrial Hygiene Association salaries have gone up in general for hygienists. In fact, the average salary for an hygienist rose to $105,166 in 2013 from 94,947 in 2008. New England's Hygienists had the highest average $115,742. This is a shift from the 2008 survey when the West South Central region had the highest earners.

The highest paid in the group were industrial hygienist consultants who averaged $135, 023. This is even higher than the average managerial salary of $120,276. Also reported is the impact of the manufacturing sector. Industry professionals in pharmaceuticals, energy, construction, and manufacturing earned salaries above the overall mean of $105,166

The survey, which was mailed to AIHA members and non-members and had a 24% response rate, includes overall salary data as well as salary information that considers such factors as industry, tenure, education, certification geography, number of people managed. and scope of primary responsibility.

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