OSHA has published additional frequently asked questions and answers on the need to report employees’ inpatient hospitalizations and fatalities resulting from work-related cases of the coronavirus.

The new FAQs from OSHA have information to help employers apply the agency’s existing injury and illness recording and reporting requirements to the coronavirus.

They provide guidance calculating reporting deadlines for inpatient hospitalizations and fatalities, and clarify the meaning of the term “incident" as it relates to work-related coronavirus in-patient hospitalizations and fatalities.

Based on guidance contained in the updated FAQs, OSHA said it is withdrawing a citation against a Georgia nursing facility.

These FAQs are the latest effort by OSHA to provide employers and employees with more information about how it will enforce its standards and regulations during the pandemic.

OSHA has also previously published revised enforcement guidance detailing how it will enforce the recordkeeping requirements of its regulations and standards for employee coronavirus illnesses for all employers.

Visit OSHA’s COVID-19 webpage for information and resources.

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