Connecticut small businesses are again the target of a scam seeking fees for copies of a state-issued document.

A mailing sent to businesses recently from a company calling itself CT Certificate Service claims to be a "2019 Certificate of Existence Form."

Scam: A copy of the bogus mailing.

The mailing suggests it is part of the state's business registration process, claiming to be the final step for obtaining a Connecticut Certificate of Existence.

"A Certificate of Existence certifies that your Connecticut business is in existence, is authorized to transact business in the state and complies with all state requirements," the mailing states.

Businesses are asked to complete a form and send a check or money order for $112.50 to a West Hartford address.

The mailing is contained in an envelope marked "Important—Open Immediately" and "Time Sensitive." Recipients are asked to respond by August 2.


Secretary of State Denise Merrill and Attorney General William Tong warned the mailing is not legitimate and the company has no affiliation with the state.

Merrill added that a certificate of legal existence is an optional document issued by her office for a small fee.

Tong said his office is investigating the company behind the mailing.

The mailing is similar to one demanding a $110 payment for "state administration compliance."

CT Certificate Service appears to be a fictitious name used by a company in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

The West Hartford address is for a private mailbox service.

No State Affiliation

The mailing is similar to one this past January demanding a $110 payment for "state administration compliance."

"CT Certificate Service has no affiliation with the State of Connecticut and this is not a legitimate mailing," Tong said.

"If you have received this letter or sent money to this company, I want to hear from you."

Tong's office can be reached by email or by calling 860.808.5318.

Merrill said businesses concerned about the legitimacy of a mailing should email her office or call 860.509.6003.

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  1. I just got one in the mail last week but for $112.50. There was a minor grammatical error which made me question its validity. I just got an LLC approved just last week too so it was perfect timing to almost convince me. Scary...

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