Today, we got this heads-up from our friends at Connecticut Innovations and I thought I would share it with you.

Connecticut Innovations today launched the TechStart Fund, which was created to spur technology innovation at its very earliest stage. TechStart provides entrepreneurial or student teams with initial capital so they can determine whether a technology concept and business is viable and whether future funding can be obtained to launch a new business. Teams will participate in an initial 10-week pilot program during which they will be provided with mentors and professional resources offering strategic guidance in launching a new business.

At the conclusion of this initial program, each team should have a prototype or market-ready product, be ready to launch a company and be prepared to make a pitch to investors for funding.

The 10-week pilot program will be held at CTech@Science Park at Yale in New Haven and will begin in March 2012. The application deadline for that session is February 22, 2012. Online Application are Available. For additional information about the TechStart Fund, click here.