Connecticut has partnered with Google to offer training certificates for workers in an effort to help bridge the state’s skills gap. 

Connecticut will be the first state to offer a full suite of Google Career Certificates across its college and university systems, beginning in 2022. 

Using Google’s Coursera online learning platform, people can gain skills within three to six months in areas such as data analytics, IT support, project management, and UX design fields. 

It’s part of the company’s Grow with Google economic opportunity initiative. 

“This is exactly what workforce development is all about,” said Gov. Ned Lamont. 

“We have employers that are looking to hire individuals with these digital skills, and our community college system responded quickly by entering into a partnership with Google to ensure our colleges are ready to start equipping students with these skills so they can enter these in-demand careers that pay over $60,000.” 

Career Advancement

The program has had particular success helping minorities gain the necessary skills for career advancement.

Eighty-two percent of graduates reported a positive career impact within six months of receiving their certificate. 

All Connecticut community colleges will offer credit courses starting this spring. No degree or experience is needed to enroll in the courses. 

Non-credit courses will also be offered regionally through workforce development offices. 

Connecticut is one of five states that offers Google scholarships for veterans and their spouses.

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities is partnering with the Office of Workforce Strategy to subsidize the programs for students and job seekers to start. 

“Our public colleges and universities will offer the highest quality education and cutting-edge training opportunities,” said CSCU president Terrence Cheng.

Community colleges and technical education high schools across the nation can now onboard the program as well. 

Connecticut is one of five states that offers Google scholarships for veterans and their spouses.