In Connecticut alone, the demand for drivers—truck, bus, and heavy equipment—is expected to grow to 30,000 by 2024.

As the workforce intermediary for the transportation, distribution, and logistics (TDL) sector, the CBIA Education and Workforce Partnership is working to meet some of that demand by connecting women with careers in transportation.

In an effort to showcase these well-paying jobs, the partnership teamed up with Workforce Solutions Collaborative of Metro Hartford to create a video that highlights this growing industry. The project was supported by the Walmart Foundation.

Two versions of the video are available—one a full-length video with interviews with six women in six different transportation careers and the other is a one-minute highlight reel.

Some facts about women in transportation:

  • Women in historically male-dominated jobs earn an average of 25% more than women in historically female-dominated jobs.
  • Women consistently do better with their paperwork, take better care of their trucks, and are often better with their customers.
  • Women, especially when compared with young men, are generally safer drivers.
  • There’s a huge shortage of heavy and tractor trailer drivers yet only 6% of truck drivers are female.

Browse more career options in the transportation industry or contact CBIA's Deb Presbie (860.244.1932) for more information on employment, training, scholarship, and financial aid opportunities.