Rebuilding Connecticut’s economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic is a challenge unlike any the state has ever faced.

We have an historic opportunity ahead of us to reimagine Connecticut and to leverage this opportunity we must dramatically reshape the relationship between job creators and government.

We need a new way of thinking, a collaborative approach that focuses on promoting and driving private sector growth.

That philosophy is reflected by CBIA’s 2021 Policy Priorities, developed with the collaboration of residents and employers from around the state—common sense ideas that provide the revenue to support essential state services while creating a positive climate for growing jobs and driving critical investments in infrastructure and our cities.

This year’s priorities form the framework of our Rebuilding Connecticut campaign, which is supported by a bipartisan group of over 50 state lawmakers and a growing coalition of hundreds of businesses and organizations.

These policy ideas will help Connecticut employers—particularly struggling small businesses—manage the high costs of navigating COVID-19 restrictions, create and retain jobs, and lead the state’s economic recovery and growth for the benefit of all residents.

Let’s seize the moment to capitalize on the state’s many strengths and not only restore our economy, but make it more vibrant and robust than ever.