Connecticut's state Senate approved legislation May 17 mandating that businesses with as few as three employees provide all workers with sexual harassment prevention training.

SB 3 broadly expands the state's harassment prevention training law, which currently requires that companies with 50 or more workers train supervisory employees within six months of hiring.

Employers will also be required to now provide supervisors with supplemental training not less than every 10 years.

The bill requires that the state Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities develop and offer online video or other interactive training materials at no cost to businesses.

Employers must certify to the state that employees took the training or face CHRO enforcement action.

Fines Increased

SB 3 allows CHRO to make onsite inspections to ensure businesses comply with the state's notice requirements, and increases the maximum fine for noncompliance from $250 to $1,000.

The bill also prevents employers from changing the working conditions of any individual who complained of sexual harassment unless they agreed to such a change in writing.

The bill increases the maximum fine for not complying with posting requirements to $1,000.

The Senate amended the bill, removing language that allowed businesses to suspend without pay salaried workers who violate workplace harassment or violence policies.

CBIA's Eric Gjede said that amendment undermines the goal of the legislation, which is attempting to provide greater safety to individuals in the workplace.

SB 3 extends the time to file a CHRO complaint alleging employer discrimination, including sexual harassment, and allows CHRO to seek punitive damages in certain cases.

For more information, contact CBIA's Eric Gjede (860.480.1784) | @egjede