Gov. Ned Lamont’s suspension of non-critical Workers’ Compensation Commission operations during the coronavirus pandemic will end in early June.

WCC chair Stephen Morelli issued a memo May 20 noting that the deadlines suspended by an executive order from Lamont will go back into effect June 2.

Lamont’s Executive Order 7K, issued in March 2020, suspended all non-critical commission operations and associated requirements.

Commission deadlines that will return include:

  • All statutory filing deadlines waived by the executive order start anew effective June 2. For example, a 20-day deadline for payment of an award pursuant to § 31-303 dated before June 2 must start on the 20th day after June 2.
  • Forms 36 received before the executive order expires will not be automatically approved. Any Forms 36 received on or after June 2 will be automatically approved if no objection is filed within 15 days.
  • Job searches will continue to be waived for all existing temporary partial benefits and/or C.G.S. 31-308a orders in effect on or before June 2. Effective June 2, the commissioners, at their discretion, can require job searches when appropriate for temporary partial and/or C.G.S. 31-308a benefits. No benefits shall be terminated for lack of job searches on any temporary partial and/or C.G.S. 31-308a benefits already being paid as of June 2.
  • Also effective June 2, all other commission policies, procedures, and deadlines return to the same as existed before March 16, 2020.

For more information, contact CBIA’s John Blair (860.244.1921).