On the energy and environment front, state lawmakers passed bills on brownfields, financial impacts on electric ratepayers, and promoting the use of fuel cells to distribute electricity.

The state Senate followed the House in passing HB 7229, which, in addition to authorizing the creation of a state brownfield land bank, makes other improvements to Connecticut's brownfield laws, and authorizes state bonding for remediation and development.

HB 7036, which the Senate passed June 6, requires any approved bill that has a financial impact on electric ratepayers to include a statement detailing that impact.

This helps electric consumers across the state.

HB 7036 also allows electric distribution companies to apply for approval from the state Public Utilities Regulatory Authority for one or more plans to develop or acquire new fuel cell electricity generation.

CBIA supports HB 7036.

Lawmakers also passed SB 963, which, among other things, requires the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to adopt regulations that are consistent with the federal hazardous waste generator improvement rule.

The bills reorganizes federal rules so they are easier to understand, and clarifies hazardous waste determination rules.

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