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Each month, we profile a Connecticut small business, showcasing the ingenuity and innovation driving the state’s economy. For June, we spoke with leaders at Vancord. The company has offices in both Milford and Glastonbury.

When was your company founded?


How many employees work for your company?


Who are your customers?

We have extensive experience providing custom solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses, manufacturers, private and public K-12 education and higher education institutions, and nonprofits. 

Vancord delivers security-focused technology services including managed IT services, project services, and cyber security services to clients.

What makes your company unique?

Our experience and capabilities set us apart from all other IT companies throughout the region. 

We are able to handle the most complex technologies, while maintaining strong client relationships and familiarity with our staff. 

Many staff members began as interns and have risen steadily over the years to become top professionals in their field.

What is a fun fact about your business?

For the last three years, we’ve produced our own podcast called CyberSound.

It covers the latest news regarding IT and cybersecurity, the most recent and relevant threats organizations are facing today, and provides tips to help keep organizations safe. 

We’ve had some great guests appear as well, from senators to business leaders, and experts in a variety of industries. 

Why did you choose Connecticut?

We were founded in West Haven by Jeff Grande and Mike Paone in 2005, and as we’ve steadily grown and matured as a business and our employees have as well. 

It was natural for us to remain and expand in Connecticut and beyond.

What is the greatest advantage to operating in Connecticut?

Our relationship with colleges and universities throughout the state continues to be a major advantage for us. 

Attracting and retaining talent is an on-going challenge for any business, but we’ve been lucky to bring in tremendous team members from not only from higher education, but also graduates from the Connecticut Technical Education and Career System

The cost of doing business in Connecticut may be higher than other areas of the country, but we feel a strong connection to our roots and supporting businesses in the areas we live and work.

How do you try to give back to your community? 

We are proud to support many non-profits both as our clients and as worthy causes to support with our volunteer time and financial resources. 

Many of our staff donate their time during the year and especially around the holidays to support the missions of non-profit human services organizations and food banks throughout Connecticut and New York. 

Vancord believes strongly in supporting the mission of nonprofits and giving back with our time, treasure, and talent.

Where do you see your company in five years? Ten years?

We have set some aggressive growth targets for the next five years and are very excited to achieve them. 

Continuing to grow our regional presence, technical capabilities, and enhance our brand recognition are some of our primary objectives. 

Our company vision is to be “Global defenders in a world where good wins,” so in 10 years we hope to be well on our way toward achieving that vision.

What is the main thing policymakers could implement to make your company more competitive?

Policymakers could reduce some of the tax burden that small businesses are subjected at the state level. 

Additionally, they should invest in making Connecticut an attractive destination that local college graduates want to stay, and out-of-state talent and business want to relocate to.


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