The coronavirus pandemic has again pushed back the date by which Connecticut employers must comply with the state’s sexual harassment prevention training mandate.

When Gov. Ned Lamont recently extended his various coronavirus-related executive orders through Feb. 9, he also pushed back the previous Jan. 1 deadline for employers to ensure their workers received the training.

State lawmakers enacted the mandate last year, requiring that every business with three or more employees provide the harassment-prevention training to all their workers.

Before the law went on the books, Connecticut businesses with 50 or more employees were required to provide supervisors with two hours of training.

The law had the potential to cost Connecticut’s business leaders million of dollars to hire attorneys to train their staff.

But the state Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities followed CBIA’s recommendation to provide an online training video that satisfies the new law.

The course is available for free on the CHRO website.

The deadline extension to Feb. 9 marks the latest time it has been delayed due to the pandemic.

The new law originally required to meet the training mandate by Oct. 1 but was pushed back several times.

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