2023 State House Voting Records

Issues & Policies

The following table illustrates how members of the Connecticut state House voted in 2023 on a series of key bills, either in committee or on the House floor.

If a lawmaker sponsored a bill and did not have an opportunity to vote on it, or abstained or was absent, that is also reflected in these records. Bill sponsorship is weighed the same as a vote in calculating legislators’ overall voting scores.

While these bills reflect just a fraction of all legislation addressed during the session, they were chosen as the framework for CBIA’s 2023 legislative voting records based on their potential impact—positive or negative—on job growth and the state’s post-pandemic recovery.

CBIA’s Transform Connecticut policy solutions, supported by a bipartisan group of 84 lawmakers, feature in a number of these bills.

Those solutions were designed to address the state’s labor shortage crisis, lower the cost of living, develop and provide more housing options, remove workforce barriers, and ease the tax and regulatory burden on small businesses.


2023 Voting Records: Key Bills

Striking Workers (SB 938): Allows striking workers to collect unemployment benefits. Among a package of costly workplace mandates proposed by the legislature’s Labor and Public Employees Committee. Passed Labor Committee 7-4; Appropriations Committee 32-18; no action taken by Senate. CBIA Position: Opposed.

Homebuyer Support (SB 1020): Creates a first-time homebuyers savings account and related tax credits to help address soaring housing costs. Passed Banking Committee 12-0; no action taken by Senate. CBIA Position: Supported.

Reporting Requirements (SB 1091): Repeals potentially troublesome and costly unemployment reporting requirements. Passed Commerce Committee 24-0; Senate 35-0; House 148-0; signed by Gov. Lamont. CBIA Position: Supported.

Emissions Targets (SB 1145): Requires the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to adopt regulations by Jan. 1, 2025 to meet costly, aggressive emissions targets. Passed Environment Committee 22-11; no action taken by Senate. CBIA Position: Opposed.

Sick Leave Expansion (SB 1178): Increases cost burdens for small businesses by expanding state’s paid sick leave mandate to cover all private sector employees while increasing eligibility and hours. Passed Labor Committee 8-4; Senate 20-12; no action taken by House. CBIA Position: Opposed.

Paid FMLA Offsets (SB 1179): Amends state’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Act to prohibit disability benefits from being offset by FMLA benefits, likely causing employers to drop short term disability coverage. Passed Labor Committee 8-4; Senate 25-11; no action taken by House. CBIA Position: Opposed.

Salary Disclosure (HB 6273): Requires employers to disclose salary ranges with job postings, despite existing state law already mandating disclosure at a job candidate’s request. Passed Labor Committee 8-4; No action taken by House. CBIA Position: Opposed.

Property Tax Abatement (HB 6558): Creates a property tax abatement for first-time homebuyers who are using a Connecticut Housing Finance Authority loan. Passed Planning and Development Committee 21-0; House 149-0; no action taken by Senate. CBIA Position: Supported.

Workforce Development (HB 6585): Requires various stakeholders to study how the state can use the H1-B cap exempt visa process to expand Connecticut’s workforce population. Passed Commerce Committee 24-0; House 150-0; Senate 36-0; signed by Gov. Lamont. CBIA Position: Supported.

Healthcare Costs (HB 6710): Landmark, bipartisan legislation that makes high quality health plans more affordable for small businesses and their employees, including unprecedented consumer protections that would be the strongest in the country. Passed the Insurance and Real Estate Committee 9-3; Appropriations Committee 44-9; no action taken by House. CBIA Position: Supported.


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